These words were the trigger for our thoughts for the initiative #BETHECHANGE at the end of September.

No matter if governments, local administrations or companies, at the moment there is more and more emotional actionism. These sometimes quite short-term actions, through frustration and equally fear. But these actions have one big problem in common: they do not lead to sustainable and holistic solutions.

As a result, a lot of resources are used, people are overstrained and in the end no or only very few results are useful.

So Benjamin Talin and his the whole community decided to develop a practical concept that would promote implementation, and called him on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The question arose whether we might not use our company philosophy #BETHECHANGE to create an initiative for change and relevance.

With #BETHECHANGE a movement has thus been created where everyone can find themselves who feels that things are currently going in the wrong direction.

- We share knowledge about the foundations of all the changes of our time
- We give everyone a voice to stand up for better solutions
- We show possible solutions and starting points
- We want to use technology and progress for the benefit of all
- We want to advance society, economy, science, people and politics
- We help decision makers to understand the right tools and methods to promote and implement the right changes

Benjamin Talin




Since the emergence of MoreThanDigital.info the hashtag #BETHECHANGE has accompanied us. Under it we wanted to unite people with MoreThanDigital, who share their knowledge and experiences, so that everyone has a chance to understand the new topics. Meanwhile MoreThanDigital is one of the biggest initiatives for innovation, digitalization and future topics.

Hundreds of experts and companies help us make a difference every day. We are proud that this concentrated power can be used as a backbone for #BETHECHANGE to be heard and to make a difference. In this way, we want to stand up together to make technology and knowledge accessible to everyone and everyone can benefit from the progress.

Do you want to support us so that together we can make the difference?