Understanding basics and sharing knowledge

Wir teilen für jedermann leicht verständlich Wissen, rund um die aktuellsten Themen. So können Entscheidungen schneller und einfacher gefällt werden.


Highlighting problems and tensions

We bring together the best from business, science and politics in order to understand current areas of conflict even better.


Identify options for implementation

We show the most important and just as simple solutions for change. – Together we will find a way!


Sharing knowledge to implement

We share valuable insights from practice and theory in order to accelerate upcoming implementations. Topics like: Innovation management, digital transformation solutions, change management or e.g. successful project management, and much more.


A multitude of practice-proven findings from business, science and politics are summarized in our book. It contains, among other things, the basics, problem areas as well as action points and methods for a successful implementation. This book supports decision-makers in many areas in their daily work and offers, among other things, the necessary basic knowledge for upcoming challenges. The book, which is available as an eBook and also as a printed version for our upcoming public actions, e.g. in front of federal houses, parliaments, seats of government, etc., or is distributed, serves to inform political decision makers and to support them in a professional and competent way.

We create whitepapers with our internal committee of experts, from top current and exciting topics. These are subdivided by our technical experts in order to show a deeper specific knowledge and to deal with the problems you might be looking for. This should help both interested parties and implementers to get into the respective specialist topics even faster and deeper, including their solutions and options.

In our expert committees, specifically selected action points are developed. From this knowledge, direct starting points for first concrete steps are developed. All action points collected are published and made accessible to everyone. This should help to create much more transparency and share possible solutions.

We unite ambitious 'doers' around the globe to make #BETHECHANGE (and thus a certain difference). We bring together experienced protagonists and seasoned decision-makers to achieve as much as possible together.

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