Bold Ideas with Big Impact.

We are a community. We have the same vision. We are dedicated to imagining and executing bold ideas that make a big difference. We are #bethechange.

For Society

Education for All

Inclusivity and Equality

Sustainable Urban Living

Health and Well-being for Everyone

Gender Empowerment

Digital Inclusion

Community Resilience

Cultural Diversity and Heritage

Access to Justice for All

Youth Empowerment

Digital Literacy and Education

Ethical AI and Technology

For Economy

Sustainable Economic Growth

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Responsible Consumption

Financial Inclusion

Green Economy

Inclusive Markets

Economic Resilience to Crises

Circular Economy Practices

Global Economic Collaboration

Open Source and Collaborative Technologies

Future of Work and Technological Unemployment

For Environment

Climate Action Leadership

Biodiversity Protection

Pollution Reduction

Conservation of Marine Life

Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration

Sustainable Energy Transition

Sustainable Water Management

Sustainable Agriculture

Climate Education and Awareness

For Science

Technology for Social Good

Science for Sustainability

Advancing Health Through Science

Empowering Through Education in STEM

Ethical Science

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Public Engagement in Science

Inclusive Scientific Research

Global Scientific Networks

People Impacted

Members and Partners


Supporting bold ideas that can have a big impact

#bethechange is not just a community, it is a network of experts, companies, organisations and like-minded people who want to make a big impact on the world. We support bold visions, we create bold visions, we inspire bold visions in everyone and we work on solutions that will impact millions and billions of people around the world.

Have an Idea? 

We are always open to hear from new ideas, bold strategies to change the world or cooperations that will improve the impact. 

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Our #bethechange Manifesto

Empowered by knowledge and passion

We are driven by a passion for the work we do to make a meaningful difference. We believe in democratising access to knowledge, encouraging a shift from control to collaboration, anchored in shared purpose and values. Passion ignites change, and through it we empower everyone to help shape our future.

Visionary action for creating the future

We seize opportunities and turn vision into reality. Our ambition is not just to dream about the future, but to actively shape it. With a deep desire to initiate and implement impactful action, we embrace the philosophy that the future is ours to create.

Turning ideas into impact through entrepreneurship

We are committed to transforming ideas into actions that deliver long-term benefits for people and the world. Thinking and acting with the agility of a start-up, we are dedicated to driving progress through innovative solutions and entrepreneurial thinking.

Dedicated to humanistic values and the common good

Rooted in humanism, we uphold the principles of freedom, self-determination and democracy. We focus on supporting civic projects that advance the common good, with social issues and human welfare at the forefront of our agenda.

Embracing failure as a path to innovation

Driven by curiosity, we take on significant challenges and accept risk as essential to discovery and innovation. Failure is not a setback but a springboard in our quest to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Fostering strong networks for disruptive innovation

Our strength lies in our global and cross-industry networks, united by our commitment to #bethechange. We believe that disruptive innovation is best achieved through collaboration, drawing on the collective expertise and resources of our extensive network.

Fostering teamwork for sustainable change

We create an environment where individuals, companies and organisations can thrive by leveraging their strengths in a collaborative effort to create lasting change. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our approach, enabling us to achieve greater impact through collective action.

Adapting to constant change with flexibility and resilience

Recognising that change is the only constant, we promote flexible and resilient systems that can evolve in response to rapid technological and societal shifts. By embracing change as a continuous opportunity for growth, we remain committed to developing sustainable solutions that benefit all.

We support the UN SDG goals

We work with many organisations around the world, and we are also aligned with the UN’s SDG goals. Together we can be better and together we can make a difference!

Creating initiatives and driving change

As part of our vision and mission, we create initiatives, drive change, leverage our corporate network from MoreThanDigital, IAD to and other initiatives to make a positive difference in the world. To do this, we are constantly working with different stakeholders to drive change by creating new impactful initiatives, organisations or programmes.


“Purpose Driven Network.”

Roman Hagmann

“Great format – a must for all entrepreneurs who want to positively shape digital change”

Exciting concept and first-class implementation!.”

Christoph Meili